وبلاگ پرشیا 

19th of March equal with first day of Persians new year and Norouz celebration...
Iranians will come back to their ancient history and traditions for about 13 days.
IRAN will change her white cloth (Winter) and wear a new green cloth (Spring).i

*.*Happy New Year*.*
Congratuladion for whole Empire of Persia, from east of Empire (west of China) to west of Empire (Provinces around Mediterranean Sea).

Iranians start the years that are mentioned below:

1) The year 7030 (Aryan Civilization)
2) The year 3746 (Zoroastrian Civilization)
3) The year 2567 (Achaemenid Civilization)
4) The year 1387 (Iranian Civilization since Islam appeared)i
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